Tell them it will be like having a healthy extended family member work with them

PhD clinical doctor, medical psychologist, scientist, researcher

Reasons to choose an advanced concierge sober companion.

A sober companion or medical companion empowers individuals to lead an engaged and productive life, while receiving professional support on their way to wellness. You obtain the benefit of an experienced sober companion or medical companion with the option of uniting with a dedicated clinical or medical esteemed professional. We have one goal in mind: to help individuals, their families, and loved ones get well.

Do you require a sober companion or medical companion immediately?

At a moment’s notice, we will provide you with a sober companion or medical companion globally. Our sober companions or medical companions work closely with individuals, families, friend’s, court’s, attorney’s, and employer’s. Moreover, you have a choice to have your sober companion or medical companion managed by an accomplished clinical or medical professional. Our clientele are comprised of CEO’s, heirs, housewives, doctors, nurses, entrepreneurs, celebrities, professional athletes, young adults 18 and over, and anyone in between. Through you will gain vital support quickly and conveniently.

Addiction is a progressive illness. It is most commonly associated with drugs and alcohol, but can be manifested in any number of ways: prescription drugs, food, shopping, gambling, sexual behaviors, and online gaming, to name but a few. The right companion, sufficiently qualified, will dramatically change your life for the better, as well as relieve the family from the emotional, and physical stress.

A myriad of medical challenges, both lifelong and unexpected may be the reason you are considering a medical companion. Your medical challenges may be related to alcohol, drug addiction, pain-management, surgery, cancer, or a myriad of other reasons. Having a qualified medical companion will provide much-needed medical relief and peace of mind to a client and/or their family members.

Your advanced concierge sober companion or medical companion will fly to you now!

Our sober companions, and medical companions are understanding specialists, many of whom have successfully faced the struggles of overcoming addiction or have a specialty in the medical concierge field, and are experienced in the realities of life with any of the above. Furthermore, with our sober companions or medical companions you have the option of receiving management and support by a credentialed clinical or medical expert. You will receive boutique concierge support to heal, and recover.

Did you know that credentialed sober companion support will lead to success?

Our case studies and clients prove that a higher-level of sober companion care will absolutely change the quality of your life, or your family’s life, and is done so globally.

For any emergency situation we alleviate stress by arranging swift deployment of a credentialed, or highly-qualified sober companion, or medical companion wherever you may be, in the most discreet manner possible.

Typically, our global clientele have required a more advanced concierge sober companion (which may include a small team) to help resolve pressing issues immediately for individuals, students, couples, families, business associates, and high-functioning professionals dealing with contentious situations that demand immediate attention.