Sober Companion Beach House


You are smart individuals, students, families, business associates, high-functioning professionals, mature adults, and more. There are a myriad of circumstances as to why you are seeking a credentialed concierge sober companion. These are just a few examples:

  1. You are an accomplished high-functioning individual, and are about to lose everything from your family to your business.

  2. You are a licensed professional that must work to keep your licensure.

  3. You are a student that has taken time off from your University program, or are about to, due to addiction issues, and need help to re-engage successfully.

  4. You are a family member in one part of the world that has a loved one in another part of the world, and your family wants to have a seasoned professional in place.

  5. You are a young man, or woman that continues to relapse due to unresolved issues that no one has been able to help you resolve.

  6. You are married, and are about to get divorced.

  7. You are a CEO world traveler, and require a peer-to-peer sober companion.

  8. You are a talented high-profile individual that must perform locally, or globally, and require a discreet sober companion.

Often our clients are experiencing co-occurring disorders, strained interpersonal relationships, suffering careers, impaired physical and mental health status, family challenges, court ordered requirements, and more.

  1. Rediscover purpose and passion, inspiration and direction

  2. Achieve goals, both personally and professionally

  3. Do activities that you enjoy and that make you feel valid and important

  4. Strengthen interpersonal relationships

  5. Increase happiness and fulfillment

  6. Gain confidence, overcome obstacles