Sober Companion Statues

An evaluation will help to develop aSoberCompanion Plan that is formed around the unique nature of each clients lifestyle, and special requests.

  1. There are a myriad of reasons you may require a private sober companion or medical companion. We are able to accommodate all of these requests.

  2. We provide the finest boutique concierge sober companion and/or medical companion care in this category.

  3. Our companions are experienced, credentialed, licensed or certified in the field of addiction, co-occurring disorders, pain-management, or medical care – a portion of whom have successfully overcome alcohol addiction, prescription drug abuse, other addictions, medical conditions; to include all other struggles many people endure.

Do you require a sober companion or medical companion immediately? We work closely with individuals, families, friends, courts, attorneys and employers.

  1. Our sober companions are experts in assisting a client in addressing total abstinence, or harm reduction from all addictions.

  2. Our medical companions are experts in assisting a client addressing medical travel, post-surgery care, or other medical requests.

  3. All of our companions help to establish healthy routines to ensure recovering clients heal.

Our companions implement extremely supportive plans which provide extra layers of protection between our newly recovering clients.

  1. No two plans are the same.

  2. Companions are available to work full or part-time.

  3. Companions are available to work day or night.

  4. Companions are available 24 hours a day.

  5. Companions are available to work seven days a week.

  6. Companions may work with a client for days, weeks, months, or years.

  7. Companions provide invaluable services at all stages of wellness.

  8. Companions are available last minute for emergency cases.

Emergency Companion Case Story:

Once upon a time there was a chronic alcoholic that did not want to get sober, continued to drive drunk, and was already court-ordered not to drive. The frightened helpless family requested an intimidating, capable, yet compassionate sober companion to immediately assist. All flights were canceled due to weather. The sober companion drove seven hours through the night to get to the clients location. Upon arrival the expert disconnected all vehicles on-site, took away the keys, and proceeded to provide invaluable services until the client was able to get better.

Our clients work towards a life beyond any prior expectations!

Often our clients are experiencing co-occurring disorders, strained interpersonal relationships, suffering careers, impaired physical and mental health conditions.
Our clients are then partnered with companions who have specific expertise in their particular areas of struggle. Further, based on our clients plan it may include a modest multi-disciplinary approach; collaborating with a small clinical, or medical team of highly regarded, licensed, or experiential professionals based on the U.S. Medical Board.
Our clients have the options to choose a variety of sober companion or medical companion services, which may include:

  1. Individual or family psychotherapy

  2. Medication assistance

  3. Holistic practices

  4. Integration into the community

  5. Establishing nutrition and fitness daily

  6. Completion of a project

  7. Discovering passions

  8. Accompaniment during any number of important commitments.

Our companions travel locally, and globally with our clients as well as to assist them on film sets, music tours, business engagements, university commitments, social events, family gatherings, speaking engagements, etc.
Their roles may range from:

  1. Providing simple or complex sober companion, or medical companion support.

  2. Providing short-term to long-term private travel support.

  3. Providing round-the-clock or on-call care.

We recognize that addiction, or medical conditions rarely occur alone. It is easier with an experienced companion.

Your well-matched companion may be in one part of the world while you are in another state or country. Our companions are well-versed at traveling to you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A sober companion is not qualified in making a medical detox companion transport. The risk and withdrawal from a medical detox are relatively short. Moreover, there may be other undiagnosed medical symptoms or complications that only a medical companion is skilled to recognize, of which may be life-saving. For example, during the first seven days there is a high-risk of seizure due to discontinuation from alcohol, a lethal combination of drugs and alcohol, or other medical conditions which must be monitored. Only a trained medical professional and/or medical companion has the medical expertise to assist in such matters.